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3D Milling

3D JEWELRY Milling

Our company offers a 3D milling service for the production of jewelry models.

We use a modern, high-precision CNC machine for the cutting of jewellery models. Wax models engraved on CNC machines are fully ready for direct casting, providing a high-precision finished product according to the computer-aided designs. The quality of the milled models is superior to that of models made from polymers. The high precision machine mills the model with maximum detailing and very high surface quality. We use castable Ferris wax material, which is the ideal material for injection moulding.

Our experience allows us to mill models with different kinds of complexity. In our work process, we use ultra-precise tools, which allow us to get the highest quality results even on products with very tiny elements. We are always in touch with our customers and respond promptly to all requests.


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